A planetree is in fact a platanus tree!

This tree holds a special significance for me;I have forever been in awe of its big, deep roots, its solid trunk as it stands undeterred by bad weather, with its branches extending up in the sky, as if they could fly, with its leaves so artfully made, so elegant and proud.

This tree has been an inspiration for me, a source of life–it has given me the strength to pursue my dreams and turn them into reality. I have always been fascinated by handbags, and for many years I have been harboring a thought of making them, of expressing my creativity and imagination in creating something useful, easy to use and practical, always at hand, adding style to our appearance.

Making handbags is my way of returning to my roots, recognizing my need to be in a profession that is enjoyable and satisfying for me,whilst also responding to your needs.Undoubtedly, there is great enjoyment in creating a handbag, but it still can’t compare to the joy I feel when my customers love their handbags! That’s why I always strive for the best!

I want my customers to have a handbag that is different, that will boost their self-confidence, that will make them feel good; a handbag that is strong and practical but above all, full of love for what I have created, with great respect for you that will hold it! And this is my promise to you!

Do not hesitate – choose the fabric and the design you want and create with me the handbag you have always wanted!

Welcome to the world of artistic creation!

Welcome to Planetree Handmade!